Latvia deltar også i sorgen

Latvia flagg, Fotograf: UkjentSpydeberg kommune har mottatt flere henvendelser fra vår vennskapskommune Straupe i Latvia. De ønsker å vise sin medfølelse på våre nettsider.

Dear people of Spydeberg commune!

Your grief is also our, the people’s of Straupe, grief.

We feel deeply sorry that we have lost a person who had been good friend of Straupe for long years. Stein has done many good things for Straupe, for many of us, and has always been interested in everything that happens here. He has made a great contribution to the cooperation between our local authorities, as well as schools, employers, farmers and nongovernmental organisations. Probably, Stein has been the very person who has given the first idea of what Norwegians are like for many of us.

We are together with you in your sorrow.

With the deepest sympathy –

on behalf of inhabitants of Straupe, Head of Pargaujas Region municipality Hardijs Vents

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